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Highlights: Chelsea 4-2 Reading (English Premier League - 22/08/12)

18′ (PG) Frank Lampard (1-0)
25′ Pavel Pogrebnyak (1-1)
29' Danny Guthrie 29′ (1-2)
69′ Gary Cahill (2-2)
81′ Fernando Torres (3-2)
90+5′ Branislav Ivanovic (4-2)

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MaximusPrime3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

I was there at Stamford Bridge. It was a great match, somewhat frustrating after Chelsea was 2-1 down.
Both new-signings, Hazard and Oscar once again performed brilliantly.

The forth goal was a good easy one, Reading's goalkeeper was on the other side of the pitch. Lol

Btw I heard that Torres was offside when he scored. But after viewing the replay, I couldn't see that he was offside...

buddymagoo3687d ago

At 2.03 you can see he is clearly offside and it's a shame these mistakes continue to happen in the premier league.

Reading put up a good fight and deserved the draw but for a lousy call.

Straightupbeastly3686d ago

lol at they put up a good fight. First of all Readings second goal was Cech's fault. Secondly, Chelsea possessed the ball 75% of the match, most of it being in Readings end.

Yes, Torres was offside but Reading did not put up a good fight, both teams were luckily and unluckily lousy through the entire match. Early season rust.

buddymagoo3686d ago

Cech was at fault but so was the Reading goalkeeper which you failed to mention.

Possession means nothing or at least that is what the Chelsea fans were saying when they beat Barca.

Take nothing away from Reading they played really well for a newly promoted side and deserved the draw if not for a lousy offside call.

MaximusPrime3687d ago

I've watched a better quality video on yahoo eurosport.

Yep Torres was offside. But who cares, Chelsea beaten tough Reading.

Anderson83686d ago

i think every1 but chelsea fans care..

hazard is looking quality tho i wonder if he can keep it up against better opposition

goku323593687d ago

First it was Southampton, now its Reading. My oh my, this will definitely be an interesting season.

Hazard again with a great game. Man of the match for me. 5 assists in 2 games!

Mata should not have played today. Despite his solid performance in the midfield, he did not look himself. He looked more lethargic and his passes weren't as accurate as they normally are. You could see it in his face, he looked very tired. Di Matteo himself said he doesn't want Mata to burn out, but he's not doing anything to prevent that. Mata played almost the full 90 minutes!

Torres' goal was offside though. He knew that himself though haha. I bet he was half expecting the whistle to be blown because he looked quite surprised when he saw the goal was counted.

freeduck3687d ago

Hazard looks good so far, but then again he played against Wigan and newly promoted Reading

Only watched the first half, seemed Chelsea had control of the game despite losing. Pogrebnyak's goal shows that he is a true striker. Could be another Odemwingie who scores a lot of goals for a small club

Mozilla893687d ago

Didn't get to see the game but from the highlights and looking at the possession stats (72% for Chelsea) it seems like Reading were fortunate/Petr Chech made mistakes for them to be up 2 - 1. Torres's goal though, was totally offsides though.

goku323593687d ago

Yes and no. The first Reading goal was great. The second one was a stupid mistake on Cech's part.

Chelsea played a great first twenty minutes, but once the reading goals came in, they seemed shell-shocked (as did the fans). Until Cahill's goal around the 70 minute mark, it was pretty even. Then after Cahill's goal they started to get back in the game.

Chelsea with 72% possession could have done a lot more, considering how much Reading did with just 28%

Kos-Mos3687d ago

Awful game. Terrible judge stole Reading`s points. Reading fought really well.

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