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Highlights: Barcelona 3-2 Real Madrid (Super Cup - 24/08/12)

TV Golo -

0-1 Ronaldo 55'

1-1 Pedro 57'

2-1 Messi (Penalty) 69'

3-1 Xavi 78'

3-2 Di Maria 85'

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-Mezzo-3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

What a match, i really enjoyed this match, specially how Barcelona came back to score their first Goal minutes after the Real Madrid first Goal.

Plus there was a lot of aggression in the Players on the Field.

wantedboys3690d ago

AS a madid fan not bad result 3-2 is better than 3-1

Nes_Daze3690d ago

Great match, but stupid way to give away a goal by Valdes. Xavi and Iniesta stood out the most for me, good win for Barca.

sdtarm3690d ago

we need new keeper, no more valdes or pinto we need a young good keeper that will be able to take the position in a few years

Nes_Daze3690d ago

I agree, both keepers just seem clumsy, which is why I don't know why the team would play back to the keeper knowing Madrid is pressuring them, they give away a goal last season in similar fashion.

imtiyaz63690d ago

And Valdes does it again! LOL! How is he still the first choice keeper at a club like Barca? F%^K that! How is he still a keeper?

buddymagoo3690d ago

I get a strange sense of de ja vu every time I watch this match up.

doncorleone3689d ago

I heard he won a gold medal for Chile in the Olympics this year...

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