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Is Brazilian Soccer Star Neymar Spending His Way To Bankruptcy?

Forbes - There’s no question about how talented is Brazilian soccer star Neymar. A sports prodigy in his own right, Neymar is not only the most celebrated athlete in Brazil these days, but he’s also the country’s hope of winning the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which will be hosted by the South American nation.

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Steve0073742d ago

DA FAK!!! He has a daughter?

no_more_heroes3741d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth. At the very least I hope it was intentional. I don't know him as a person, but I wouldn't think he's ready for fatherhood just yet lol!

Lucretia3741d ago

well in other parts of the world the legal age for sex is 13 so yeah not too shocking. in other places there is no age limit for sex at all.

still in our american views its pretty crazy, but he is also richer than most americans or people will be in their lives.

freeduck3741d ago

Wow a 2m mansion in Brazil...

b163o13741d ago

I say let him spend it, when he does make that move to Spain he'll have no problem affording this stuff. Only thing that troubles me is like Biggie said "Mo Money Mo Problems"

pompombrum3741d ago

The guy is 20 years old.. I think almost any 20 year old earning his sort of money would go a bit nuts. Not to mention the amount of pressure he has to deal with at his age.. let the kid let off some steam.

Kaneda3741d ago

Yeah, but he could break his leg anytime during the match.. and career could be over. Since he is a star, other players are going at him hard in the game...

Straightupbeastly3741d ago

Just stay away from gambling or you'll end up like Allen Iverson, not being able to pay a 750,000 debt. These athletes gotta remember after their mid 30's they're most likely done so the money they make has to last them the rest of their life, so you better invest in a business.

SnakeCQC3740d ago

why should you guys care about his finances!