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UEFA: Andres Iniesta named Europe's best

Andres Iniesta was named UEFA's best player in Europe at an awards ceremony in Monaco on Thursday.

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Corepred43684d ago

I guess as long as they (UEFAlona) keep in Barca it's all peachy. lmao ridiculous.

KingPin3683d ago

"ballon d'or" in English it means Barcelonas player of the year.

that award has lost all credibility and is now the biggest joke in football. now that its ruined, 100 bux says ronaldo will win it now.

Nes_Daze3683d ago

It's a joke because your opinion differs from that of those who give out the award? Bitter aren't we..

Corepred43683d ago

Don't be retarded Nes. Messi AND Ronaldo had their best years and somehow Iniesta wins it?? right?

MYSTERIO3603682d ago

I would have to agree with Nes_Daze on this one iniesta is the best in Europe he has won everything in football The World cup, European cup 2x, champions league 3x and several la ligas'(need i go on). And even though he has won all this you still thing he should take a backseat to messi and ronaldo... no way.

For too long iniesta has taken a 3rd row seat to ronaldo and messi and now that he wins it based on legitimate skill he gets bashed.

Just because iniesta dont score as much as messi or ronaldo it doesn't mean hes an undeserved player. He does exceptionally well in his role creating beautiful assists & goals and is more versatille as a player in my opinion. He can defend and attack in midfield or on the wing and rarely plays as a striker.

KonohagakureFC3683d ago

Lmao Messi and Ronaldo both had probably their best seasons yet, and they go ahead and give give the award to Iniesta... Lulz

Nes_Daze3683d ago

This man deserved this award at least once, he's an amazing football player, congrats to iniesta.

wantedboys3683d ago

he deserved it in 2010-2011 but not this year

Nes_Daze3683d ago

Some people would argue that he was the best player of the Euro cup, and he's one hell of a midfielder. if he hadn't received this award, i think you would've disliked the second pick even more..-_-

BelieveinGhosts3683d ago

Dont Bother, this site is full of pro epl and Barca haters. Dont feed the trollz

freeduck3683d ago

Great footballer not many give him credit because he doesn't score that many goals but he sets so many up for his teammates

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