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Highlights: Southampton 2-3 Manchester United (English Premier League - 02/09/12)

TV Golo -

1-0 Lambert 16'

1-1 Van Persie 23'

2-1 Schneiderlin 56'

2-2 Van Persie 85'

2-3 Van Persie 91'

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-Mezzo-3680d ago

What an amazing comeback by Untied in the last 6 minutes, buying 'RVP' seems to be paying off.


Why didn't you upload the 3rd goal? This isn't the first time incomplete highlights have been submitted on this site in the last couple of weeks. I know you guys are competing for crappy prizes but can you guys please upload FULL highlights.

buddymagoo3680d ago

RVP, what a star.

United Never Die!

-Mezzo-3680d ago

No need to get your panties in a bunch bro, i clearly submitted 5 videos but pasted the same Embed Code twice, instead of the 3rd goal.


Thats not an excuse, you just submitted this before the 3rd goal became available just so you can make sure no one else submits this before you, trust me you're not the only one that does this on this site.

-Mezzo-3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Believe whatever you want, i know what i did & didn't do.

I post over 40 stories everyday, it's really naive of you to think that i'd do something like this, just for 1 submission.

This will be my last reply, i really don't feel the need to clarify myself any further.


You posted incomplete highlights, if i'm wrong please prove it to me. Also you say you post over 40 articles a day but all I see is you flooding 11x2 with every Bleacher Report article that gets written (which is the worst football site out there) there are better football articles on better sites.

Enjoy your Amazon gift cards.

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ProjectVulcan3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

United's defence was terrible. Extremely wobbly, and rusty, and poor. It has been a while since they played together so hopefully it can only get better, I think it is just a case of being stable and getting fitter. Southampton took full advantage of this and played to their maximum ability I thought. They did superb.

United started with no left sided player and Welbeck suffered for it. They were poor going forward before Scholes and Nani came on.

But this was Manchester United, so you can't let off the throttle until the whistle has gone.

Van Persie had plenty of chances and shots, he had loads. Although he fluffed quite a few it is so encouraging to see how quickly he has settled. It is like he never left Arsenal...

Rooney could struggle to get back into the side if RvP plays like that he'll be devastating for United the amount of chances he'll get.

I just cannot wait until Rooney is fit, IF they can play together and both get on form together it'll scare the bejesus out of any team they play.

jak3y13oy3680d ago

Van persie you beast! but why the hell did you do try to do a 'Pirlo' just smash it in! nevertheless great comeback! :D

Anderson83680d ago

to be fair he's scored it b4 but a chip should always be down the middle.. mina tho he still bagged a hattrick..

karim3680d ago

RVP was brilliant, amazing performance (apart from the Penalty). Southampton didn't deserve to lose

Anderson83680d ago

He Score When He Waaaaanttssss!!!!

even after the pen i thought we still had a goal in us but with 5mins left i would have taken a draw.. great result, cant see rooney getting back in the team with rvp fit. hernandez looked lively aswell

southampton are unlucky to have no points given the way they play their season should pick up soon enuff

crazyturkey3680d ago

RVP still on great form I see, though Man U. have never had problems scoring. What they need to worry about is that defense, teams are scoring on them too much. City or Chelsea may have field days if they don't patch their defense. I guess they're defense injuries are too critical.

Gamer19823680d ago

Agreed defence is there Achilles heel

buddymagoo3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )


You say that but City have conceded the same amount of goals with all their players fit!

AcceptedWalnut3680d ago

Apart from Barry, you'll see the difference once he's back in the starting lineup.

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