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Real Madrid vs. Granada: Win Proves Madrid's Slow La Liga Start Meaningless

BR - Real Madrid supporters began to worry when their beloved team stumbled out of the gate and started the 2012-13 La Liga season with a loss and a draw, but a convincing victory over Granada has shown that there is little to be concerned over.

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-Mezzo-3744d ago

Agreed, we've just started.

Great Read.

karim3744d ago

Always was meaningless, in every league, remember Chelsea's amazing start to the season 2 years ago? We won nothing at the end

Nes_Daze3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

It's not meaningless, those might turn out to be crucial points later on, to say a loss against Getafe and a tie against Valencia is meaningless is just dumb. Every game matters, from start to finish. Beating Granada 3-0 is more "meaningless" than a slow start in a league.

Oh and btw, that goes for any team, amongst others that haven't had a great start to the league are City and Barca.