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Manchester United player caught on camera having sex with teenager in an alleyway

A Manchester United starlet has been arrested for “lewd behaviour” after being caught having sex with a teenage girl in an alleyway.

Defender Luke McCullough, 18, who was captain of United’s Academy squad, was caught on CCTV romping with the young woman at 5am after a night out.

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karim4307d ago

What's up with Football and sex these days?!

Yi-Long4307d ago

... I'm pretty sure people of all kinds have been having sex for AGES.

I don't even consider this kinda stuff 'lewd behaviour', unless ofcourse she was a minor or they were causing a disturbance or whatever.

It's just two people having sex. Outside. So what.

Just give them a warning or a small fine, and let them off.

Kurylo3d4306d ago

Exactly. I mean seriously has anyone not had sex outside or in an "improper" location. I mean thats kind of the thrill of it. If you havent done it then i suggest you do it lol... and more then likely if u say u havent done it.. then your either a loser or your lieing.

Vames4306d ago

Lewd behaviour because he was having sex in a public area. Want to have sex? Don't do it on the streets, have some decency.

hkgamer4306d ago

How dare some footballer who earns lots of money have sex on the streets.

jak3y13oy4307d ago

Top Lad! Unless she was under 16 :L

SSKILLZ4306d ago

sex, sex the way I'm still waiting on Shakira new leaked music video with Gerard Pique. LOL

pompombrum4307d ago

I was worried for a second but then they said he's considered the next Jonny Evans and stopped caring.

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The story is too old to be commented.