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Brendan Rodgers: Britain can be as successful as Europe in producing technically proficient players

The Liverpool boss is adamant that the tactics players are asked to play in their formative years is the main reason behind their perceived inferiority to their continental rivals

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jak3y13oy3548d ago

I've always wondered why we cant have Britain in the World Cup or Euros? Like the Olympics?

Imagine the Team!

There must be reason why we haven't done this!
Anyone know?

freeduck3547d ago

Because those international games separate countries from regions. The whole point is to represent your own country, not represent multiple countries around you. Every country should have their own national team so that the citizens can feel proud or support them. If GB was to enter the World Cup, then I guarantee no Scottish or Welsh players would get into the first team. It would be all English, so what's the point?