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Who Is World's Best All-Around Player?

BR - It started with a tweet from Bleacher Report’s National Lead Writer Dan Levy, asking which footballer—if cloned 10 times—would make for the best all-round team.

There are so many ways of looking at it.

Do you go for an attack-minded player and hope he can cope with the defensive duties? Do you opt for a defender and put your faith in his ability to score goals? You could even go for a goalkeeper who can play a bit.

Among the names mentioned by Bleacher Report’s World Football Lead Writers Will Tidey and Mike Cummings are Xabi Alonso, Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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-Mezzo-3738d ago

I'l go with Lionel Messi.

karim3738d ago

No one can disagree, Hazard hopefully in a couple of years :-)

GanjaMan3738d ago

hazard will never be that great but if he does he will already be snapped up by madrid or barca, which is what hazard wants. Hes only using your club as a stepping stone to show off his trade so clubs like madrid/barca start calling and once that happens, hes off mate.

karim3738d ago

@GanjaMan I don't think you realize how ridiculous this looks considering he REJECTED Madrid and Barcelona (and City, Utd).

Golden_Dive3737d ago

Dont Talk About Chelsea giving up a star player to Madrid , Barca , City, & United - Lol
We Aren't Arsenal Football Club

Corepred43738d ago

Dribble up the side, cross, out jump midgets, score, repeat.

crazyturkey3738d ago

Is there anyone that can play on all positions and do a great job at all of them?(except for goalie, maybe) If not, then there is not a "World's Best All-Around Player".

Nes_Daze3738d ago

Messi can do assists and score goals, so he has my vote. He is the world's best player currently.

doncorleone3738d ago

I would probably go with Heskey...

Golden_Dive3738d ago

Stole the name out my mouth...

pompombrum3737d ago

Xabi Alonso is the world's best all round player. Messi is a fantastic player who can dribble, score and pass all equally at the highest level there is but Xabi Alonso is a more well rounded player.