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Highlights: England 1-1 Ukraine (World Cup Qualifier Group H - 11/09/2012)

(0-1)Konoplyanka 39'

(1-1) Lampard (pen) 87'

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jak3y13oy3540d ago

Tense game! Thankfully we got the equalizer!

ProjectVulcan3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Ukraine played well, but I always expected them to. They are a classy side and showed that at the Euros they are no pushover.

I always wondered how this game would go with such a depleted England side from injuries. England definitely deserved at least a draw but the result could have easily gone either way. Ukraine's goal was excellent though and earned something.

Cleverley missed a few chances. Normally i might rip into someone but in his case he is only just starting his England career! He is exciting to see for England, getting into those forward positions. Will be a huge player for england in the next 10 years.

FlunkinMonkey3539d ago

I am English and usually hate the way we play.. and find it completely bizzarre we are named in the top 3 teams in the world..

But we deserved this 100%.. Defoe's goal should have stood.. the ref gave us a ridiculous amount of yellows, denied Wellbecks penalty.

It was an absolute joke.