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Ronaldo set to meet angry Mourinho tonight

Cristiano Ronaldo will return to Real Madrid on Wednesday night to an angry Jose Mourinho who is not pleased with his compatriots recent comments.

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karim3726d ago

I wouldn't be surprised at all if Mourinho really is angry, Ronaldo's comments are unacceptable

pompombrum3726d ago

He shouldn't really publicly state he's unhappy but further pissing off your star player isn't probably the way forward. If it really is contract envy as to why he is unhappy then WOW.. the guy probably makes more than all of them anyway.. not only is he the star player of the biggest club in the world, he's also good looking which instantly makes him worth a ton on sponsors more so than the rest who earn more than him.

karim3726d ago

So you're saying clubs shouldn't criticize/fine/discipline their star players, let's say Cristiano said these comments and wasn't fined/disciplined, how would others feel if they do the same thing and they get fined/disciplined? It IS the way forward.

Jonnyquest3213726d ago

He's already said it wasn't about the money. People are too quick to judge him for going down easily and being confident/arrogant on the pitch but what about his charity work or his professionalism? what about the fact that his teammates have loved him at any club he's been at?. He doesn't seem like a bad person or overly obsessed with money. I think his sadness is because of a personal issue, everyone has the right to feel sad no matter how rich they are.

ElliottHolland3726d ago

It's always about money. I remember awhile back he said something about there was problems with him and his girlfriend, but that died fast. There's no way all this publicity is over nothing other than money. He is already making a ghastly amount of money; even with endorsements he could live more than comfortably. Being a RM fan I would absolutely hate to see him go because I believe every team needs to have that stand-out player that the media talks about. Who would be that next player? He is a perfect fit for Real Madrid. So, hopefully this is just a small thing about money that the media is going cray about and fabricating. I surely believe that he isn't going anywhere....I hope!

Straightupbeastly3725d ago

Ronaldo is upset because the Real Madrid hierarchy was not supportive of his case to win the ballon dor.

It's bad to let the public potenyially know this because the hierarchy of any club should have no say in who wins the trophy, just journalists. It's almost like he's leaking info on how things work behind the scenes especially at these big clubs.

It's like he's saying if the hierarchy supported him, possibly in a way by funding, he could have won. This could not only make Madrid look bad but all euro awards. The Madrid front office must have got all over Mourinho to get Ronaldo in check

krazykombatant3725d ago

Time this gets sorted as it starting to be come a problem off the pitch with the media.

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