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Michael Owen realizes he should’ve left Man United sooner, was duped by Alex Ferguson

After much consideration, Michael Owen has gone from three years on Manchester United's bench to what he hopes is the resumption of his career as someone who actually plays football at Stoke. And now, he realizes that signing two contracts with Man United when they had no real need for him and listening to what Sir Alex Ferguson says was probably a bad idea.

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karim3733d ago

Deep down he knew it wasn't true, just wanted to believe him

buddymagoo3732d ago

"But, in saying that, I was injured for most of that last year so it might not have mattered anyway.
But you won't hear me saying a bad word about my time at United — I had a great time."

No problem here

3-4-53731d ago

All Managers are a bit overrated. Anybody can pick a starting squad.

How many goals & assists does Ferguson have this year..or last..or the year before ?

NONE....He gets paid millions to watch the game from the bench.

At that level the players already know what they need to do so his and every position like his ( manager ) is greatly overrated.

I mean there is a bit more to it, but it's not hard to look at a premiership team...take 5 min ...and pick the lineup.

mafiahajeri3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Did you just win youR fantasy league m8? Lol you sound a little big headed.

Anyway the managers role is huge and has a lot of impact on the team for you to write them of as something anyone can do you just sounds plain stupid.

How many goals or assists has ferguson scored? Are you drunk? That is single handedly the stupidest comment I have ever heard. He's the manager! He choose when people come on or go if or when to. Change formation. Also things like solving player problems etc.

If the players aren't comfortable with the manager nothing will work. Look at mourinho and tell me all he does is sit on the line and doesnt contribute next thing youl b e saying everyone that works at a club from the president to advisors and consultants are useless and the players could do everything.

I hope to see you when your a big shot manager

3-4-53729d ago

I don't play fantasy, and I'm not big headed at all.

I just don't OVER-value people who aren't actually in the game.

I respect them. They obviously know more than I do, by far, but they still make way too much money for what they do.

Or should I say they get too much credit for things that the PLAYERS actually do.

It's like a Boss taking credit for one of his worker's ideas.