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Highlights: Sunderland 1-1 Liverpool (English Premier League - 15/09/12)

1-0 S. Fletcher 29'
1-1 L. Suárez 71'

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zeddy3540d ago

liverpool should have won this easy. suarez dive was actually a pen but his reputation went before him.

freeduck3540d ago

Johnson hit the bar, Gerrard hit the post. Borini had two good chances to get it past the keeper, Shelvey had a decent shot. Sunderland parked the bus in their own stadium, LFC should've gotten the points unlucky I guess. That's why we need a striker to bury those

NewMonday3540d ago

one striker not enough

the forward movement was slow it gives the defense time to close the gaps, hardly any good 1-2 passes in the final third

the only one moving fast forward was little Stirling, and from his cross comes a goal

buddymagoo3540d ago

"Johnson hit the bar, Gerrard hit the post."

Hold on! What season is this 2011/12!?

Gamer19823540d ago

On striker might not be enough but they had 3 last season and still couldnt score for toffee. Suarez is not a natural goalscorer its as simple as that. They needed a target man and got nobody. Defoe or somebody like that would have been perfect for Liverpool and got them those 20+ goals a season they needed but they have a deluded owner who is going to watch them plummet in the table while he hopes the youth comes good.

Diffraction_Fos3540d ago

Agreed. Many of Suarez's supposed "dives" actually have contact.

But the problem is that in situations where he should've just got up and shrugged it off, he rolls around on the ground like he'd been injured. It's not helping his cause one bit - making refs to not believe him even when he DOES get legitimately fouled. It's one of the most annoying things about him. And I hope he learns his lessons immediately. Otherwise, he'll always have a very tough time with EPL refs.

Diffraction_Fos3540d ago

Sterling played well again. And again, no real composure in front of goal. A proven clinical striker is a definite MUST in January. But knowing FSG, probably won't happen.