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imtiyaz63538d ago

Thank you Steve Bould!!

Grap3538d ago

our only Hope. NOT WENGER

crazyturkey3538d ago

Happy with the result, but not about the second half performance. It was as if the whole Arsenal team were happy for Montpellier to keep the ball instead of really trying to go for a third goal.

GanjaMan3538d ago

gervinho is sick this season!!

crazyturkey3538d ago

I think is do to the fact that RVP is gone. Last season it seemed like only RVP was allowed to shoot, but now they all want to have a go at it which has worked for their confidence and performance level.

no_more_heroes3537d ago

Had to watch what amounted to a slideshow of this match instead of actual video thanks to FIU's heavily crowded network, so I really couldn't get a feel for how things went in this match, especially for the second half. From what I'm reading, Montpellier dominated the second half. Is that the whole story?

crazyturkey3537d ago

You got it. They hit the bar once from a daring effort, and had at least two 1 on 1 chances. Though except for the hit in the bar, most of their chances came from errors from Arsenal players. Arsenal though had a couple of chances too, in the second half, but nothing else. Most of the second half was played near Arsenal's goal.

no_more_heroes3537d ago

Ah. Sort of a game of two halves then.

I'm actually very concerned for our match against City this weekend. They'll be wanting to respond to that kind of loss. We'd do well to leave with a point.

crazyturkey3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

Well, so far Man City hasn't performed to the level that they can, so unless the loss to Real woke them up, a draw wont be that difficult to obtain. Also they seem to be allowing many goals in, so maybe someone is not doing their best defensively. Maybe Arsenal can exploit that on Sunday.