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Chelsea 2-2 Juventus Highlights (UEFA Champions League 19/9/2012)

31' [1 - 0] Oscar
33' [2 - 0] Oscar
38' [2 - 1] A. Vidal
80' [2 - 2] F. Quagliarella


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Vidal's goal:

Quagliarella's goal:

C0100J by ourmatch
C0200J by ourmatch
Gol de Quagliarella vs Chelsea (2-2) by rrmisas
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karim4259d ago

Fuming, defending was pathetic for both goals (for the 2nd what the hell was that from JT?) We had a great performance, but I admit that a draw was a fair result

goku323594259d ago

Dissapointing result considering we had a 2 point lead. Defense just kept getting sloppier as the match went on.

I will admit I was a bit surprised when I saw Oscar in place of Mata, but I guess it worked well, haha.

Juve are pretty much the toughest this group is going to get though, so I expect positive results from here on out.

karim4259d ago

Oscar's 2nd goal was pure class, couldn't believe my eyes. Mata disappointed me with that shot, knew was gonna be costly and Torres was unmarked, could have passed it to him and ended the game

GanjaMan4259d ago

well thats what you get for parking the bus at only 2 nill up. You shouldn't of switched to the chelsea default 9-1-0 formation so quickly, it worked last year but luck wont carry you this year

karim4258d ago

You must be really thick in the head if you call what we did in the 2nd half "parking the bus"

krazykombatant4259d ago

Like to hear Di Matteo and his "It doesn't take luck to win the champions".

They rode momentum ever since the napoli match, lets see how chelsea actually fare this year. I have full expectation that they will make it out of their group but how long will they last?

goku323594259d ago

I highly doubt it was just "luck" that got Chelsea through the next 5 games after Napoli (2x benefica, 2x Barcelona, and Bayern final). Yes, luck played a role, but so did great defending, a solid counter-attack, and the big man, Drogba.

krazykombatant4259d ago

Cuz questionable calls, didn't pepper around here and there during any of the chelsea matches. Anyways, you guys won, so that is that.

However, my beef is with this season, lets see if Chelsea can get far again. In my opinion it just won't happen, I think they'll get past the group stages and maybe even up to the quater-finals and even then I'm being a little too nice.

The reason for this is that the season is long and we'll see how long those old legs will last.

karim4259d ago

Old legs? Did you forget we signed Hazard, Oscar, Marin and we have Mata, Ramires, Luiz, Mikel who are under 26

krazykombatant4259d ago

John Terry-31
Ashley Cole-31
Paulo Ferreira-33

Thats not counting those over 26, I didn't know over 26 is considered OLD, but since you made the case here are your players over 26

Ivanovic- 28
Torres- 28

Maybe terry can get some rest, by getting silly red cards through the competition, that might save his legs till the final, if he is even allowed to play that is.

buddymagoo4259d ago


Terry not playing in the final and not having to take a penalty is why Chelsea won the final.

Mozilla894258d ago

Obviously we're not favorites to repeat as winners of the CL but to say that we'd be lucky to make it to the quarters?

Give me a break.

crazyturkey4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

I'm not surprised by the result, but other than the next game against Juve, Chelsea should do fine in this group.

asmith23064259d ago

Nice to see Juve back in the Champions League. Great game, fair result. Oscars second was class. I expect Juve and Chelsea will get out of the group.

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The story is too old to be commented.