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buddymagoo3720d ago

About 5 penalties could have been given and the ref was horrendous for both sides to night! Ugly ugly game.

Not good at all. But very important 3 points. Let's never speak of this game again

crazyturkey3720d ago

Galatasaray looked like they could get something out of this game at times. United though it seemed like they lost focus for the last minutes in the first half. Also what the hell, why did Nani take the penalty shot.

zeddy3720d ago

lucky tonight, galatasaray should have atleast got a point out of the game. defended a bit better in the second half but they had a few chances and should have had 2 penalties. what with united and pens? we've missed 3 in a row now i think, all pretty terrible pens they were too.

FootballZilla3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I went to watch this a Old Trafford, United started pretty good an RVP should of netter a few.. I think they deserved even though they lost focus in some parts of the game.