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Casillas spotted not celebrating Ronaldo's late winner against Manchester City

Los Blancos' captain was captured on camera during Tuesday night's Champions League clash with the English champions and appeared unmoved by the Portuguese's 90th-minute goal

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karim3529d ago

It's because a polish fan he met during the summer died, paying his respects.

krazykombatant3529d ago

Saw this earlier on this week too, the kid had died many days before the match, so it doesn't necessarily mean mourning. Spanish press is making me it seem like something more is going on than that, perhaps not happy about what happened with Ramos or more things going on in the locker room than what the public knows.

Corepred43529d ago

I read that it was because he was upset over the goals the he had given up during the match.

krazykombatant3529d ago

@corepred4, I read that too, but he didn't celebrate any of the goals not just one.

karim3528d ago

The press will literally pounce on anything, so it's not surprising the number of different stories out there

Straightupbeastly3529d ago

Casillas hates Ronaldo, let's face the facts