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Evans should have seen red along with Shelvey, claims Liverpool boss Rodgers

The Reds manager has claimed that the Northern Ireland defender should have been handed his marching orders during the Red Devils' 2-1 victory at Anfield on Sunday

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buddymagoo3716d ago

The difference was Evans went for the ball Shelvey went for the man.

KingPin3716d ago

not exactly. they both went for the ball. difference is evans got to the ball. shelvey got evans legs.

KazumaKiryu3716d ago

So what you're saying is it's ok to go in two footed and studs up at the risk of breaking someone's leg?

KingPin3716d ago

we not saying that. we not saying evans was totally innocent either. they both lunged for a 50/50 ball. had shelvey got their first and evans into shelvey, i have no doubt evans would've got a red card. however, in the context of the match, evans won the ball shelvey didn't and it looked a bad tackle.