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Ronaldo to star in weight-loss reality TV show

Yahoo - During his playing days, Ronaldo struggled with weight even more than he struggled to shake off transexual prostitue scandals, but since retiring from the beautiful game last year, the legendary striker has ballooned in size.

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-Mezzo-4223d ago

Not surprised, he sure has gotten big since he left Football.

krazykombatant4223d ago

He didn't get big out of choice, and I'm ashamed for the looks of it not many people here seem to know that he has a thyroid problem. Which is why he got soo big.

PaPa-Slam4217d ago

This is the first time i heard about his problem.

I too thought that he got fat out of laziness.

crazyturkey4223d ago

It's sad that many if not most people call him Fat Ronaldo.

pompombrum4223d ago

Yup, he should be referred to as the best Ronaldo or at the very worst the unfortunate Ronaldo.. very few people truly realize just how talented this guy was.

b163o14223d ago

It is and will always be "The Ronaldo" in my book, this is the guy, that made me focus on Football like I never have before, and I'm still watching til this day. He had the perfect mixture of speed and touch, A Lengend, and I will tell you it was a gift to see him in his prime. Now that he's retired, I feel he should get as fat as he likes. He kept it together for the most part most of his career. His job is done, let him relax, let him be...

Ninjamonkey824223d ago

Hell just plant him in front of a net like that and hes better than 90% of todays strikers either way :D.

PaPa-Slam4217d ago

Spot on, he was a pleasure to watch.

abzdine4223d ago

best striket the planet has ever seen. Elegance precision strength speed no other player has all these qualities at one time.

Good thing he wants to lose weight, maybe he'll be in shape for 2014 :D

KingPin4223d ago

neymar and ronaldo in one team.

brazil world champions 2014!! don't even bother playing the competition. just give em the trophy. :P

abzdine4223d ago

Neymar for sure has outstanding technique, but i'll have to see him against european defenses cause in brazil they are made of paper.

He should first start by winning the Brazilian cup with his club and then still has a lot to prove in European football Elite. Ronaldo Fenomeno already did that in the best possible way, he scored against all big goalkeepers.

I remember that 2006 WC finale he disgusted Oliver Kahn !!!

Snakefist304223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )


Actually that was 2002 WC!!!

abzdine4223d ago

@Snakefist30: Oh my apologies you are right!! Time goes so fast it's 10 years ago already :/

asmith23064217d ago

Yeah right, you obviously haven't seen Messi ;)

Diffraction_Fos4223d ago

Best striker I have ever seen.
Best ball-dribbler among all the strikers I've ever seen.

Strength, Speed, Flair, Dribbling, Ball Control, Clinical Finishing, Game Intelligence.

3-Times FIFA Player of The Year. Youngest ever to get FIFA Player of The Year award (20 years old).

Anyone lucky enough to have seen his PSV/Barca days will know he could've been a true Legend among the likes of Pele and Maradona. Neymar has a long way to go to even come close to the "original" Ronaldo. In fact, none of the current popular strikers measure up to his legacy. And it could well be another couple of decades before we see another like him.

Unfortunately, his right knee betrayed him. 3 serious injuries on the same knee killed his future.

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