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Shocking Footage Emerges Of Spanish Police Attacking Man City Fans In Madrid


At first glance, the footage of Man City fans clashing with Madrid police may look like a throwback to the bad old days of English football nastiness. However, it does seem as though it’s the police who are to blame for the trouble.

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Corepred43834d ago

The guy who videotaped it says it looks worse because of the time he started recording. From what I understand the Man City fans were instigating as well. Even if, the cops overreacted and once again abused their power. Can't wait til people start getting sick of their crap.

buddymagoo3834d ago

I blame the fans. You don't see this form Arsenal, Chelsea and United fans. Not all English fans are like this.

What did they expect throwing glasses.

Ninjamonkey823834d ago

Police could do with a lesson in crowd control tbh.