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Highlights: CFR Cluj 1-2 Manchester United (UEFA Champions League Group H - 02/10/2012)

1-0 Pantelis Kapetanos 14′

1-1 Van Persie 29'

1-2 Van Persie 49

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buddymagoo4282d ago (Edited 4282d ago )

Played well but defence is still a little shaky. Van Persie second goal was lovely!

GanjaMan4282d ago

early exist again for utd awaits....

PaPa-Slam4281d ago

Haterade, do you have it in you?

Kos-Mos4281d ago

He's on heavy drugs again...

zeddy4282d ago

still pretty average. after they scored they put 10 men behind the ball and gave us loads of possession and we made some chances just like we did against spurs. but after we took the lead nothing happened, their keeper didnt even make a save after that and we scrape a 2-1 win against a rubbish team. cant see us winning this competition this season. on the positive side fletcher played 90 minutes again.

ProjectVulcan4282d ago (Edited 4282d ago )

It was a solid if unspectacular away win. Unimpressive and workmanlike but a damn sight better than last season's European disasters as well as having rested Scholes and Carrick for the much tougher Newcastle game on Sunday. Just worried about the defence for that one but should have plenty of recovery time.

It does look positive that Rooney and Van Persie can play well together, this partnership will work.

Coming from behind again to win is good, going behind so early yet again is baaaad. If United just sort out their early performances then the wins will be strung together and the juggernaut will begin to roll.

buddymagoo4282d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

Sir Alex has mind control!

chukamachine4281d ago

Can't see utd winning anything this season, defence is a mess. Persie's shoulder goal was,lol

If utd had played a better team, they would have lost.

mcstorm4281d ago

Just because we are not doing well at the back dose not mean anything at this point in the season. United always start slow (Apart from last season) and we have players out and a lot of young players coming through.

If United carry on getting results like they have come November/December United start to show form and a 1st team start so play game in game out.

We are not playing well at the moment but no one is really playing that well in the EPL apart from Everton at the moment.

I think United will go on to win the league this season but I do think it will be a tight league again between Chelsea the Gunners Man City and United.

Its far too early in the season to say any of the 4 above are not going to win anything as they all have to play each other still (Apart form the gunners and Chelsea who played a last week).

Look how many people said City would win it last season then when united went 8 point clear everyone was saying United would win it then City ended up winning it the last game of the season. Its a long season and we are only a few games in.

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