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'A joke' - Wayne Rooney continues Manchester City Twitter digs

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has continued to take shots at Manchester City on Twitter.

Last month when City were toppled through a late Cristiano Ronaldo strike at the Bernabeu, Wayne Rooney was among those celebrating.

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karim4245d ago

Twitter is becoming trouble for footballers, especially if the football player's coach is none other than Sir Alex

PaPa-Slam4245d ago

1000% agreed, Twitter has caused more controversies than i would have liked.

I know it's not possible at all, but player should be restricted from Twitter, if not that than they should not be allowed to talk anything Football related, just keep it about your personal life or something.

karim4245d ago

Agreed, or they can be warned not to cause controversy or they'll get fined/delete their account, Rooney and Ferdinand have been the center of twitter controversy

KingPin4244d ago

footballers also need to express themselves. nothing wrong with it. i mean all the fans talk smack anyways.

and yes i know its business related yada yada yada..... but thats like saying a chef is not entitled to an opinion of a competitors restaurant on twitter because his business is cooking food so a soccer player isn't allowed to talk smack bout other teams.

Gamer19824244d ago

Hes immature and he did it last season and it came back to bite him in the @$$. He avoided twitter like the plague when city won the league thanks to all the crap he posted.

PaPa-Slam4245d ago

He can be a real Baby sometimes.

buddymagoo4244d ago

Football would be more interesting if more footballers came out and aired their views. I like it!

Gamer19824244d ago

Ah it just shows who the immature people are on here when they agree with him.

buddymagoo4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

So what you are saying is you would rather have football with no opinions?? We hear from footballers and managers all the time. Twitter is just a free platform for them to air their views.

Why censor players instead twitter allows them the freedom to have a voice.

AcceptedWalnut4244d ago

Ohhh so its alright for footballers to air their views but when their latest affair wants to air their views, they're hit with injuctions?

Rooneys a cretin, the sooner he fucks off to spain, the better.

chukamachine4244d ago

UTD won't be winning anything this year, so does it really matter what rooney says.

The bloke needs to lose weight, he was sweating like a pig the other night,lol.

abzdine4244d ago

Hart is a very skilled Goalkeeper, but sometimes he makes the most stupid mistakes and i think he should work on free kicks and long shots.

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