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Highlights: West Ham 1-3 Arsenal (English Premier League - 06/10/12)

1-0 | M. Diame | 21'
1-1 | O. Giroud | 41'
1-2 | T. Walcott | 77'
1-3 | S. Cazorla | 83'

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no_more_heroes4275d ago

What a goal by Cazorla! Absolute class!

PaPa-Slam4275d ago

Cazorla's goal was, simply put. Amazing.

crazyturkey4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

Great Result from the type of game that Arsenal tend to struggle against. Great goals and overall performance by the whole Arsenal squad. Podolski 1 assist ,Giroud 1 goal and 1 assist again. Walcott a goal and Cazorla you beauty!
As for West Ham they looked ok and I doubt they'll be in trouble at the end of the season. Maybe Sam will/should try something more than ball hoofing all game long. Just look at the first goal, he may have some skill in that squad on top of physical strength.

no_more_heroes4275d ago

Yeah, but apparently he feels that trying to play prettier football means trying to emulate Barcelona. You do not need to go that far to play attractive football. The reason why England hardly has any class midfielders is because they're used to playing with only defenders and strikers, trebuchet-ing the ball all the time and bypassing the midfield.

imtiyaz64275d ago

I just loved how Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud were combining some beautiful passes near West Ham's Box towards the end. Smart subs from Wenger btw.

buddymagoo4275d ago

Podolski has surprised me, he is quiet the player.

dcortz20274275d ago

Arsenal played some great football against West Ham, and what a beast goal by Cazorla! West Ham put up a good fight.

PaPa-Slam4275d ago

The game was pretty much what i expected, dominated by Arsenal.

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