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Balotelli storms off pitch and jets home after being substituted in victory over Sunderland


Sulky Mario Balotelli stormed down the tunnel when he was substituted by manager Roberto Mancini after just 55 minutes of Manchester City's victory against Sunderland on Saturday.

And within hours, the 22-year-old Italian had boarded a budget airline flight from Manchester back to his homeland.

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jak3y13oy4242d ago

Does someone need to cry to his mummy because he got subbed :/

Have been learning about this in college, he hasn't got the Mental Resilience to be subbed off or not start..

Which he should have by now as he is 22 and 'mature'

b163o14241d ago

I really don't blame SuperMario for being upset. I mean what he did in euro12, was amazing. He's proven to be our X-factor in most matches. He should have started more games then he has. The storming off things is getting old and immature. But for the most part he's being snubbed, IMO

Nes_Daze4241d ago

I agree, and yes he's immature but he's a joy to watch the pitch. Wasn't he the one that passed the ball while he was on the ground to Aguero to score the league winning goal against QPR? The guy should be out there more, not warming the bench.

asmith23064241d ago

This is a daily mail story... I would take it with a pinch of salt.

GanjaMan4241d ago

mate daily mail make up stories on the spot, they are shit and only dumb idiots read them for their "news". most of their articles are full of pics and fuck all writing

Gamer19824241d ago

Indeed soon as they see a possible story they make it up. Silva also walked straight down the tunnel but nothings been said. City actually sued Daily Mail successfully last year for fake storys.