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Juventus head questions if financial rules have teeth


UEFA could shy away from banning teams from Europe on financial grounds to protect the value of its own competitions, Juventus President Andrea Agnelli said on Wednesday.

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crazyturkey4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

Real Madrid, Barca, Chelsea, PSG, Man. City, Zenit, and maybe even Man. United will find loopholes in the FFP rules.It is as Agnelli said, Uefa will risk losing TV revenue if they truly enforce these rules.
As an Arsenal fan I would love for these rules to be enforced with an iron fists no matter what team it is. I'd love to see how these team will compete in a little more even ground with the rest of teams with less financial resources. At the same time I know FIFA and UEFA love money too much. They will enforce them to a certain extend, but they wont be banning big clubs (Clubs filled with expensive quality players). This will hurt the quality of the Champions league mostly, if they do enforce them fully.