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Man United to Sell Chicharito to Fund Deal for Porto Star

Manchester United are believed to be considering the idea of selling striker Javier Hernandez in order to fund a potential deal for Porto attacker James Rodriguez.

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crazyturkey3707d ago

I Wonder how much is he worth. Maybe Wenger can get a deal for him.

dcortz20273707d ago

Wasn't there a rumor of him going to Arsenal? Chicharito would fit in quite well at Arsenal.

zeddy3707d ago

he doesnt fit our system at the moment. he plays on the shoulder but we dont play many through balls. hope he isnt wasted at united sitting on the bench like berba, much prefer him move to a club were he can play every week.

theEx1Le3707d ago

Yeah, always baffled me berba, scored 30 odd goals one season then poof, dropped to the reserves and a year later sold. Like you said, he deserves to be playing every week.

Nes_Daze3707d ago

Where is he gonna play if he stays at United? He needs to go to a club that will help him grow as a player, he's not one of the best strikers out there, never was, but would be a pity to have him benched.

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