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How Will Arsenal Be Compensated For Theo Walcott's Injury ?


Following agreements between FIFA, UEFA and the European Clubs Association (ECA), when players playing for clubs are injured on international duty during major tournaments, then the national governing body will be required to compensate the club which the player plays for.

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no_more_heroes3506d ago

Compensation? To Arsenal? Probably only just enough for us to get an Itzakadoozie from the ice cream truck...

chukamachine3505d ago

Fa should pay the wages to arsenal for the weeks or days he is out.

Mr Patriot3505d ago ShowReplies(2)
crazyturkey3505d ago

knowing the FA they will pay Arsenal with a "thank you come again" bs or otherwise known as a middle finger.

Straightupbeastly3505d ago

Walcott sucks anyways, you should thank the FA instead.

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