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David De Gea: Why Manchester United's Keeper Is Worth the Pain

BR - The more altruistic Manchester United fan sees David de Gea flap at a cross and cringes, feeling the young keeper's pain as acutely as the man himself.

Last weekend it was Demba Ba giving the Spaniard a nightmare worse than Elm Street—the latest in a long line of tough opponents outmuscling the skinny keeper in his own penalty area.

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crazyturkey4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

I've said it before, he reminds me of our Almunia(not anymore), Fabianski and Manone when he comes out for a cross. United should and could have done better when it comes to their keeper signings.

Corepred44262d ago

I've never liked De Gea between the posts from what I have seen. I mean yeah he makes good saves but I just wouldn't want him as my 1st team GK in big games. I like the back up more than De Gea.

ProjectVulcan4261d ago

Lindegaard? He will never be any more than a decent goalkeeper, but United need a world class one. De Gea is the guy that can be the world class keeper at United.

The continental tendancy to punch has to be trained out of him and he has to seriously consider beefing up his frame.

The fact that he is still only 21 is very encouraging. Keepers don't often really reach the peak of their powers until at least their mid twenties and later.

He makes some mistakes but really I don't think so many. It is more that every mistake is scrutinised heavily because of the club he is at....

You analyse his stats and it is pretty clear how good he really is and how good he can be.

buddymagoo4262d ago

I just think he needs more protection from the referees. Years ago you wasn't even allowed to touch a goal keeper in the box and for some strange reason that has changed.

crazyturkey4262d ago

Thing is, the keeper can always have a player try to keep the attacker away from the him. If that defender can't do it that's his problem not the refs, at least that's the way I think the refs see it.

Da Gea and the other keepers I mentioned are great shot stoppers, but their decision making when it comes to coming out for a corner simply sucks. Maybe extra practice may help. Unless you're Manone then you're screwed because you're just too short to out-jump a taller attacker.

buddymagoo4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

But players actively target De Gea and refs do nothing about it. Any other goalkeeper and the refs would blow for a foul.

I just don't get how a player can be allowed to touch a goalkeeper. A tackle or shoulder barge should only be allowed when a player has a ball at their feet.

I understand defenders should try and take care of De Gea but if they get to close to an attacker it's called as a foul but then De Gea is not afforded the same treatment. It's bonkers and because of a silly stereotype that he is "weak" because he has a slight frame but so did Van Der Sar.

PaPa-Slam4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

I remember it as well,Keepers we're like... untouchables.

PaPa-Slam4261d ago

Agreed with the writers, he definitely is.