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Highlights: Norwich City 1-0 Arsenal (English Premier League - 20/10/12)

1-0 | G. Holt | 19'

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no_more_heroes4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

Not surprised, Arsenal always lose to teams like Norwich who were in the kind of situation they were in.

I am disgusted though.

imtiyaz64229d ago

Looks like top 4 is our top priority once again. We lacked urgency going forward and Ramsey should not start another game again. Having just 10 players on the pitch is better than having him on it. He can't defend and while attacking, he is just a hindrance. He looks lost with the ball and keeps losing possession. He has the potential but he shouldn't be able to just walk into the first team. Btw,
Serge Gnabry looks promising.

Gamer19824228d ago

Your right top 4 looks like your main aim as yet again Arsenal fall over the small hurdles. Its why they have won nothing fir many years now and continue to fail. Now without RVP the goals are drying up too.

ProjectVulcan4227d ago

Wenger has said it every year that Arsenal can win the title and sooner and sooner into the season it is obvious that they cannot.

Arsenal do look like they have a decent side but yet again is it fairly obvious United, City and now Chelsea are superior.

Arsenal just lack a couple of really inspired players. Cazorla is great but honestly I question who else might get into United's or City's sides.

I often look at teams and think who might actually get a spot in another side and really there aren't many Arsenal players I would put in the other top 3's lineups.

karim4228d ago

Costly error by Mannone..He's no Almunia though..Arsenal must improve fast or another trophyless season becons

crazyturkey4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

Deserved victory by Norwich. Most of the Arsenal players looked uninterested while Norwich were giving it all they could. Let's hope Arsenal turn it around against Schalke.