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Di Matteo has finally ditched the Mourinho blueprint and now you'd bet on him delivering the title

Martin Lipton from Mirror writes: Now we are seeing a new Chelsea. A Chelsea that could, under the most under-stated of managers, actually surpass what the Special One's team was all about

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karim4260d ago

I always knew Roberto is a good manager but I never thought when he first took over he'd bring us the CL & the FA Cup and this year he's proving to everyone how much of a great manager he is.

no_more_heroes4259d ago

and yet naysayers were going on about how he was sacked by West Brom...

karim4259d ago

I still feel the sacking was extremely harsh, he did a very good job at West Brom guiding them to the Premier League and weren't bad in the League, turns out it was a blessing in disguise!

XboxInnovation4259d ago

It's west brim a small club. It takes luck to do well because you're so limited as a manager