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Manchester City defender Richards blasts Mancini's 3-5-2 system after Ajax defeat

City are left bottom of Group D after defeat to the Eredivisie title holders, with the right-back admitting his side have not practised much with a three-man defence.

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crazyturkey3500d ago

I guess Mancini is trying to prove that he has the best attack in the League(or at least in Manchester), but it has backfired.

XboxInnovation3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

There is too many cooks in the kitchen. Sometimes you need to get rid of good players in order for the greatness in other players to come to light. The potential is there in so many players at city but the club is ran too erratically and its because Mancini has too much at his disposal.

There is a saying. "The more you have, the less you have it"

pompombrum3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

To be fair, I don't understand why Mancini has decided to change things. I mean City were unbeatable almost last season and were so solid in all areas. Why fix what not only isn't broken, but running optimally?