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United calls end to DHL training kit deal

Manchester United has reached a settlement agreement on its training kit sponsorship with DHL in the belief that the partnership is significantly undervalued.

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karim3326d ago

40M is UNDERVALUED? What the hell?

jak3y13oy3326d ago

haha :L just not good enough!

ProjectVulcan3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Manchester United can get a sponsor for their training shirts that will pay MORE than most other clubs in the premier league main shirt sponsor LOL.

That means MORE than 10m a year for just training shirt sponsorship. Which is how valuable the club must be to advertisers.

Apparently Newcastle's brand new main shirt sponsorship deal which includes stadium naming rights is a mere 8m a year. Chelsea's main shirt deal is about 18m a year, I would imagine United are looking for 15m a year just for the training tops!

The Glazers are such a pain, but if there is one thing they can point to that is they have improved the commercial side of the club. Of course they need to, because of the burden they have dumped on it...

KingPin3322d ago

they have debts to pay and 40M isnt enough. the glazers need more dammit. MOOORREEE! MOOOORRRREEE!!

Kos-Mos3322d ago

Good riddance. dhl is a crappy company from several personal experiences.

Ranma13322d ago

DHL isnt crappy at all. Just expensive

buddymagoo3322d ago

I like DHL because they are our colours Red and Gold but if we get more money then I'm happy.

People can moan that it goes to the Glazers but they have spent 100m in the last 2 seasons on players and it's not like we are Arsenal who make lots of money but never spend and sell our best players. Those owners really are rinsing the club dry.

Kaneda3322d ago

The question is where the hell Chevrolet got "£357 million" to spend on this..

zeddy3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Chevrolet are owned by general motors who are worth billions.

Kaneda3321d ago

Yeah, the worth billions of tax payers money!