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karim4193d ago

The most corrupt game I have witnessed since THAT game against Barcelona, what an absolute disgrace Mark Clattenburg is, doesn't even feel like a loss....

oli4193d ago

Man. Untd. should be embarrassed, even with Ivanovic out, we still pressured them. Manchester did not deserve to win, but in the end it is what it is.

ProjectVulcan4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Chelsea had a lot of bad luck. Welcome to how Manchester United have felt playing at the Bridge in the league for the past ten years. United have suffered countless bad decisions against them since 2002 on this ground, which has usually saved Chelsea from defeat in this fixture this long.

Who can forget last season when Chelsea were completely outplayed and lucky to hang on for a draw? What about March 2011 when Vidic was sent off, Luiz stayed on the field after a blatant hack against Rooney and Chelsea got a penalty (that wasn't) to win the game? What about the non foul in 2009 that led to the free kick that Drogba scored from an offside position to win the game?

Yet I can continue but you get the idea, amazing the fortune Chelsea have enjoyed in this fixture. however well Chelsea did indeed play today and probably deserved a draw, I will definitely put this one down to Karma FINALLY turning up.

On this display Chelsea will be a force to be reckoned with, and Chelsea fans will have a lot to complain about, but this is only really a small rebalance of previous encounters at this ground.

Chelsea were great and should have had maybe a draw. But I can't say I have a lot of sympathy because I have a decent memory.

ProjectVulcan4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

I'll take all the disagrees and no replies as evidence of some angry Chelsea fans with not a lot to say at the apalling refereeing record in this fixture highlighted by me.

Well at least you know how it feels now in this fixture the suffering United have endured for a long time. That ridiculous penalty in 2008 for a Carrick 'handball'. It is fairly absurd the list of valid result turning complaints at Stamford Bridge that Manchester United could present.

This win also ends Chelsea's positive record against Manchester United. No team in the Premier League has a positive record against Manchester United. Chelsea used to be the only side who had won more than they had lost but the record is now a tie.

I think that record has annoyed Ferguson for quite some time and he will be pleased to have banished it today and have chance to turn it around when Chelsea go to Old Trafford in May 2013, in a delicious potential title decider.

oli4193d ago


For the record, I didn't give you disagrees.
I don't doubt the fact that Manchester could have still won, since there was a handball inside the box from Luiz that the ref didn't call, but I still think Chelsea could have done much more if it wasn't for the sending of Torres. It's a shame that these calls happen and not just to big teams like Chelsea, but every other team too, it just so happened to be Chelsea today.

karim4193d ago

@vulcanproject Why the hell are you talking about karma when your freaking team gets decisions in their favour nearly week in and week out? Mind citing ALL the "dodgy" decisions Chelsea had while playing you lot since 2002? And FYI, last season, we weren't outplayed, you got two dodgy penalty decisions, clueless I must say.

imtiyaz64193d ago

@Vulcanproject, didn't Karma hit Chelsea just last season when Man Utd were awarded 2 dubious penalties at Stamford Bridge or Karma's still not done yet? I just hope it doesn't hit us next week the way it hit Liverpool. Btw, I wanted United to win this game but what happened today was completely ridiculous.

badz1494193d ago

I also think that red for Torres was harsh but after the replay, he was clearly through but decided to fall instead as the ball was going away from him and he must of thinking about getting a free kick where Mata can score again! don't give me that "there was contact" BS as the contact was minimum and not enough to bring him down! I wouldn't give it red though but not going to give a free kick either!

there were many incidents in the box where players had contact and fall down but not given penalty as they were deemed not enough or simply as simulation and that was what happened last night with Torres - he DIVED!

United started strong and not giving Mata, Hazard and Oscar to take control of the midfield was the key but then they started slacking after that! it's hard to come back into game once those 3 took over thus Chelsea came back with 2-2 with United having no reply! the 1st red was rightly deserved but the 2nd was harsh. but shit happens sometimes and Chelsea got the shorter end of the stick today!

United must step their game up though. they have RVP in front who can scores as he please but he can't do that if he can't get the ball! someone like Scholes who can control the game is severely needed and Cleverly can be that guy if he's given the opportunity but it seems like SAF has too little confidence in him to give him that role and put Rooney in charge of the midfield instead and this needs to change! Rooney is a forward and he has an attacking mindset and he almost always ended up making silly tackles that can lead to goals!

overall, I still think the game could've gone to Chelsea but it is what it is!

ProjectVulcan4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

You were blatantly outplayed last year most of the game don't deny that, it is delusional.

Obviously it is karma for this fixture. It is fairly surprising that Chelsea fans would deny that United are WELL, WELL overdue the decisions in the fixture at Stamford Bridge. To be honest, I don't see you denying the list of decisions I cited that actually changed the result, because all those games were won by Chelsea by one goal.

In fact the two that happened in the league in 2009/2010 wouldn't have just altered the result of the games, it would have given United the title instead of Chelsea! A draw in either of those ties that United earned and was stolen by bad ref decisions would have meant United had taken the title and not Chelsea. Thats even more significant than a few isolated games. Indeed, this is not something I would forget.

I just can't have a lot of sympathy for moaning Chelsea fans when they were perfectly happy to take all the excellent luck they have had against United in previous recent fixtures, including a title changing set of results no less.

So I am sure United fans will quite happily take this.

Computersaysno4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Pfff only the third goal decision would have bothered me.

Torres could and should have been off earlier, his tackling even after that yellow was atrocious. Defending him over this is a bit crap, when the one he did on tom cleverley was a good shout for a straight red.

So the third goal was crap and should have been ruled out but if that one had been disallowed man utd would only have keep attacking until they scored the winner.

After the 3rd goal man utd seemed much less eager. Chelsea would never have avoided defeat with 9 men offside goal or not cos man utd would have just kept up the onslaught instead of easing it off

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asmith23064193d ago

I wouldn't say corrupt but Utd had all the decisions today. Thought Chelsea deserved a draw, they were great even down to nine men.

goku323594193d ago

The pairing of Clattenburg and the linesman was unstoppable.

presto7174193d ago

"Doesn't even feel like a loss" Haha. Feels like a win doesn't it?

AfricanGamer9ja4193d ago

Who cares if the decisions where wrong,we are ManUnited we do what ever the hell we want and we get away with it. Like a BOSS!!!!!!! :)

Kos-Mos4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

They are booing on a person that stands against racism, they throw garbage on Hernandez, di matteo get`s involved in the game by holding Valencia. WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT THE REFEREE DECISIONS WHEN YOU PLAY AGAINST THE MOST HOLLOW CLUB IN GREAT BRITIAN; chelsea?

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buddymagoo4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )


Seriously though, first red card was deserved but the second was a bit harsh. All that matters is the 3 points.

The game is over now we got the 3 points. Moan all you want but it won't help.

If Ivanovic wouldn't have fouled Young he would have been 1 on 1 with the keeper and 3-2. Torres should have been sent off for the first tackle on Cleverley where he did a De Jong on him. We dominated the 1st third of the game Chelsea dominated the 2nd third and the last 3rd was spoiled by the sendings off.

See you on Wednesday!

karim4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

You must be so proud of your players after seeing them time wasting against NINE players and needed an offside goal to win..

Edit: I hit agree by the way, meant to click on disagree.

lugia 40004193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Yup, but Manchester didnt deserve to win.

Chelsea didnt deserve to win the champions either. It happens.

oli4193d ago

Manchester didn't deserve to win because the ref obviously took Manchester's side. Chelsea deserved to win the champions because they played it smart, no help from the ref was needed.

silvacrest4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

we were down to nine due to dubious decisions while united had 13 men on the pitch

you can guess who the extra two were

and buddy, you are a joke, every single person here knows you would be the first one to cry if this happened to united

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karim4193d ago

I'm pretty sure that's unrelated *rolls eyes*

jak3y13oy4193d ago

Wow... what a game! Well done for Chelsea to get back and torres deffo shouldnt been sent off!

Golden_Dive4193d ago

Buddymango would of fucking moaned to satins dick if united were in the position of chelsea and yet still proud?
Yeah you got the 3 points but you didn't deserve the 3 points...
We realized Howard Webb was replaced today I guess unfortunately and Rooney should of been sent off
It was like The scandal in 2009 against barca
You always have the refs favoring you every year and fuck the 3 points , I was dying for a draw at least....
LMFAO at the disagrees I get especially from buddymango grandma
But it's good , we have to accept these matches since we should be used to it..
United will slip and well regain..
The referee is the 12th man in your squad every time we play against you...
Kidding me ? You were getting favored all the calls and bs ahaha

asmith23064193d ago

Upvote just because of this line "Buddymango would of fucking moaned to satins dick" lol!

BritishUK4193d ago

Seriously, Manchester United should have the FA as their sponsors, that was a disgrace. Every team gets decisions that go their way but there's a rabbit away with Manchester United, someone needs to look into this, oh wait that would be the FA - LOL!

I think you forgot to understand that United signed Mark Clattenburg over the summer mate! Howard Webb wasn't feeling too good'

How pathetic....
Manchester United is full of shit especially that shrek that deserved the red card after Torres sent off

tallkidoPL4193d ago

Manu has so many good players but they still need help from the refs to win games;/

KingPin4193d ago

guess they finally have something in common with Barcelona.

Mr Patriot4193d ago Show
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