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Carrick hails Manchester United's 'huge' win against Chelsea

The 31-year-old was delighted to turn around the Red Devils' recent poor record at Stamford Bridge, and also highlighted the importance of winning against their title rivals

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karim4223d ago

Took them so many awful decisions to win at the bridge. Bravo for the 'huge' win!

Thefreeman0124222d ago

@Karim United won get over it, you can act like a victim but lets face it, the first red card was the right call.. bad tackle by last man back, torres is known for his diving, and from the refs point of view it could have looked like diving. finally its not a conspiracy that the late goal wasn't counted off sides, arsenal in the same day had a late goal that was off sides (matter of fact two off sides goals allowed in two games). I'm sure its hard to tell if someone is off sides when they are moving so fast and are very close to one another.

Glory Glory United