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Highlights: Reading 5-7 Arsenal AET (Capital One Cup - Round 4 - 30/10/12)

1-0 Roberts 12'

2-0 Koscielny (OG) 19'

3-0 Leigertwood 20'

4-0 Hunt 37'

4-1 Walcott 45'+2

4-2 Giroud 64'

4-3 Koscielny 89'

4-4 Walcott 90'+6

4-5 Chamakh 103'

5-5 Pogrebnyak 115'

5-6 Walcott 120'

5-7 Chamakh 120'+2


For some reason the video code wouldn't accept the 3rd arsenal goal so here is the URL for it, Enjoy the 12 highlights :D

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jak3y13oy4219d ago

HOLY CRAPP what a bloody good game!

Well done to Arsenal for getting back!

But jeeeeheessus! so tense! so thrilling!

feel sorry for reading though!

Great Game!

Best Game of the season atm BY FAR!!!

mcstorm4219d ago

I agree was a good game to watch esp for the neutral fans.

crazyturkey4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

Man, if it wasn't for the last 5 minutes or so of the first half I would have stopped watching this game. Our experienced players were just not bothered to play. but on the brake Wenger gave them a wake up call. In the end I guess thefirst half sloppiness of Arsenal led to this nail bitter and am glad that Arsenal manage to win in the end.

Also did Anyone noticed that Arsenal was more dangerous when both Giroud and Chamakh were playing? On top of that The youngsters did a great job all game long not so much the experienced ones though.

On a hilarious note, The Arsenal players throwing their shirts because they thought they won on away goals.....LOL

no_more_heroes4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

the fuh q!!!

Game of the bloody decade and I had to miss all the action doing a bloody Discrete Math test! Going into the test at 5 o' clock, Arsenal were 4-1 down and I'd already written the match off completely. Just finished to see the just how bad it got only to see a 7-5 scoreline TO Arsenal! I'm sure the other students walking past me on my way out must've thought I'd gone mad the way I was looking so stunned at my phone and talking to myself!

Bloody hell! I need to find a way to watch this second half!

When was the last time a team came from 4-0 down to win?

jak3y13oy4219d ago

i was about to say Newcastle Utd vs Arsenal but it was a draw!

Also mate you missed out!

I'm sure by tomorrow there will be full highlights of the game :D

imtiyaz64219d ago

Well, the match ended at 2:30 am where I live. And even though I have college tom... I mean today, I gotta say it was totally worth it!

asmith23064219d ago

I was about to turn it off until Walcott scored that lovely chip at the end of the first half. I had a feeling Arsenal would get back into it but that was an exceptional second half and added time! Wenger should play Walcott as a striker, he is lethal through the middle and knows how to finish.

HxCGamer4219d ago

I would love Walcott to be a striker... then my fifa ultimate team would be ridiculous!

buddymagoo4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

So an offside winner vs QPR, Koscielny not getting sent off and a goal in the 95th minute when there was only meant to be 4 mins added on. I wonder if there will be as much outrage over this as there was at the weekend? I suspect not.

I'd love to know the odds on that result if somebody could check that?

KonohagakureFC4219d ago

Yeah coz everybody knows United never scores offside goals or last minute winners during Fergie time...

buddymagoo4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

That's my point you moron! It happens to everyone but people only get annoyed when it happens to United.

Gnarbry looked pants and why he was hauled off so early. Eisfield on the other hand looked like a real star!

Did you even watch the game "tiki taka" hahahahaha!

Why o why4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

@ buddymagoo

maybe because it happens to SOME teams more than others. For every pirez dubious pen to save the unbeaten season theres a rooney dive to end it or a mendes goal way over the line. How the ef rooney didnt get sent off the other day is beyond.......actually it was clattenberge who had been ban from Old T since he had the nerve to send off a utd sure he'll be back now aey;) spins and roundabouts but lets not act like man u havent had the lions share of dubious decisions in their favor.

Mad game. . . Voice gone head gone...cha

Im pissed gervinho got his chance upfront before theo did... Maybe he should of sign to get his chance but id rather him get his chance and score goals as hes far more clinical than gervinho. He's been stuck out in a position thats not his best because he's had thierry ade and van p in front of him. C'mon Arsenal Board fix up and sort this crap out like DD would of. Fix up and pay the kid his dues and play him where he ultimately wants to play..

back @ buddy

Eisfield does look a class act though little slight. Gnarbry didnt have a great game but did show flashes of potential

jony_dols4219d ago


GTFO, an United supporter complaining about refereeing decisions going the way of the bigger club; talk about hypocrisy.

What are you even doing commenting on an Arsenal v Reading match? The only thing you should have to say that it was a cracking match, in which both teams played great footie.

asmith23064219d ago

Can people not just enjoy what a great game this was without having to bring up officiating decisions when there was barely any incident here? I thought the officials had a great game here, what a match. The extra 40 or so seconds was given because of a Reading sub 3 mins into injury time; it took the guy around 30-40 seconds to get off the pitch. Refs go over the amount of added time in the majority of games. As a Utd fanboy you of all people should know that :)

silvacrest4218d ago

really? your complaining about an offside winner?


imtiyaz64219d ago

How promising are our youngsters? Eisfield, Gnabry, Coquelin and even Miquel were all superb. Arshavin was aboslutely brilliant. He and Walcott should definitely start next week at Old Trafford.

crazyturkey4219d ago

I wonder if All our players will be fit for the weekend after playing 120+ minutes.

imtiyaz64219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

The football they were playing was also very beautiful. It's like Tiki-Taka but more direct and bold. @Buddymaggo, Yeah I did, they were pulling off some crazy one-touch passes hence I said it. And Gnabry was good enough as he's just 17. He's gonna get much better.

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