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Premier League owners 'close to agreeing deal to reduce player wages'


Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and other Premier League bosses are reportedly close to agreeing a new policy that will 'restrain' players' wages and agent fees.

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Blackdeath_6633739d ago

nope, no good. players will just move to the russian league or anywhere else where they are offered a large sum like Eto'o or drogba

Rattlehead203739d ago

Even better. Maybe the league would become competitive again, just like the days before the PL was formed.

XboxInnovation3739d ago

What about transfer fees, the biggest problem?

caseh3739d ago

Failing to see what the idea is behind this, its not like the money saved by the clubs will be passed onto the supporters...their main source of income.

Instead it will just line the board of directors wallets.

Mikefizzled3739d ago

Don't see why people are so badly against it. One player could easily be paying £50k a week in tax at least. Enough to pay for 2 soldiers for a year. Do a little more math and the Chelsea first team could easily be paying for 1000 soldiers yearly wage over the course of a year.

Blackdeath_6633739d ago

we don't need more soldiers. we don't need more war.
how about using the money to save lives rather than end it, ever thought about that?

Beeeaans3739d ago

Mikefizzled was just using an example. The tax would also be used for hospital equipment and medical supplies which would do exactly what you want.

On the other hand it'll also mean less of the top football players will want to come to our league.

krazykombatant3739d ago

Yes instead lets give all of the money to douchebag 23 year olds that don't know what to do with it. How about using money to give higher wages to civil servants or teachers/cops/fire fighters.

No you're right we should give more money to the football players.

Mikefizzled3738d ago

I was using it as an example. People always say footballers shouldn't be payed more that soliders. Of course I would rather the money be spent elsewhere but I was just fed up of the same argument.

mcstorm3739d ago

I think this should be done around the world not just in the EPL. They should have a maximum wage for players and once they hit that that's it.

It works in other Sports and it can in football but for it to work it has to be forced on all football clubs in the world.