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Highlights: Manchester City 2-2 Ajax (UEFA Champions League Group D - 06/11/12)

0-1 S. De Jong 10'
0-2 S. De Jong 17'
1-2 Y. Toure 24'
2-2 S. Aguero 74'

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crazyturkey3734d ago

All that Star Power and hardly anything to show for it.

PaPa-Slam3733d ago

Agreed. Didn't expect that at all.

krazykombatant3734d ago

BUH-BYE Man city. Ridiculous, but somewhat expected. Maybe by this time next year they'll have enough "experience" or is that just city fans trying to find excuses for their poor performance?

KingPin3734d ago

hahaha experience. thats a good excuse.

the only time you need "experience" is when you a young footballer trying to get to grips with how football is played against other teams.

this city team has enough game time on each player it shouldnt matter if they playing in the EPL or UCL. they just have to play soccer, theres nothing that they have to adapt to.

tough for man city, all that money for nothing. someone should tell them you cant buy trophies.

the group was hard, but if you EPL champions, you really cant use that as an excuse. if you finished 4th in the EPL then yeah ok, that might fly.

Thefreeman0123734d ago

Man City has nothing to complain about except for their own play. It may have been a penalty but they cant live on the hope that they will get the last call of the game as a PK. With all that money they have spent its ridiculous that they are complaining about this when they should have won it the right way the first time

Ben Dover3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Goodbye City! Annihialated on your own field... With the convincing 3-1 victory from Ajax and the 2-2 draw, maybe Ajax is indeed the better team despite the 100 million euro difference? ROFL

All jokes aside, with City being the PL champions, what does this say about the Premier League compared to the rest of Europe?? Almost each English club is being demolished in Europe :|

freeduck3734d ago

You could just argue the other way around. The Big clubs in England put the Premier League first in priority, all other leagues are peripheral.

b163o13734d ago

Lol, this guy again?

Who's your squad, oh Barcelona. BIG SURPRISE! A team full of floppers.

Ben Dover3734d ago

Actually Barcelona isn't my squad at all so I don't know where you got that idea from. But judging from your reply, your IQ doesn't appear to be that high so I'll forgive you for that.

No I'm actually the type of supporter who enjoys this year's Champions League where the former big leagues get their asses handed to them by lower leagues such as the Dutch one. Which in return causes your butthurt reply, something I can only laugh at..

b163o13734d ago

Lmao, dude your hilarious.

Not your squad? Do you have one? Cause if not that makes you a troll.

Ben Dover3733d ago

The fact that you can't even spell "you're" right already showed me your lack of IQ. So I'd say YOU'RE pretty hilarious as well, well done!

And I support Ajax, you know.. the club with a summer top transfer of 5 million Euros which completely outclassed the club that spend 930 million last year so they could win the PL.

But please.. go on. Amuse me with your "knowledge"..

p_bateman3734d ago

One of the strongest groups ever in champions lge history no shame in going out.

But they really should be beating Ajax home and away.

Maybe next year they will get an easier group like man u.