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Cristiano Ronaldo sings and beatboxes in new Nike Collection video

Cristiano Ronaldo hit the recording studio to try his music skills with Pepe, Nike DJ Graham Thunder, drummer James Cowboy and producer Wolfrank Zannou.

CR7 tried out the drums and electric guitars. But the most interesting part is that Ronaldo actually tried the mic, singing at his best. Perhaps, even more entertainingly, Ronaldo showed us that he had some skills in beatboxing!

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Corepred44246d ago

Lmao! Seems like they had fun. Nice to see the multimillionaire superstars doing regular down to earth things. Hat language was he singing in? I don't know it he was sing good or bad based on the language. Sounded bad to me though! Lol

Ike204245d ago

It was bad but funny! But the beatboxing at the end was amusingly daring...

PaPa-Slam4245d ago

Money, Money, Money, Moooooney.... Money.