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Barcelona sticking to its guns despite loss


Barcelona boss Tito Vilanova is adamant his side will not change its 'tiki-taka' passing play despite Wednesday's shock 2-1 Champions League defeat to Celtic at Parkhead.

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PaPa-Slam3671d ago

Good, 1 defeat should never make you to change your tactics.

karim3671d ago

Would be mad to change the tactics they adopted for decades..

Ninjamonkey823671d ago

They could still go on to win the whole competion thats what makes Barcelona the team it is. But Celtic have themselves something great to remember from there win.

FootballZilla3671d ago

Its easy to be their manager.. In my opinion...

Baka-akaB3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Far from it . The proof is in the pudding . Whenever you lose people are good to pressure you into change tactics .

And it's not easy having players keep their ego in check to keep fueling a club's unique and peculiar philosophy .

Finally it's not as if you have nothing to do , being given some user manual and guideline . You still have to tweaks around and strategize well

boxer19853670d ago

what he means is it is easy based from the perspective of managing a lower team. which it is, this cannot be argued.

not having to change you tactics because every other team is inferior ability wise.

it will be interesting to see how guardiola and tito perform without the messi card. barca have often suffered without him