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Highlights: Aston Villa 2-3 Manchester United (English Premier League - 10/11/12)

1-0 A. Weimann 45' +1'
2-0 A. Weimann 50'
2-1 H. Hernandez 58'
2-2 R. Vlaar 63'(og)
2-3 J. Hernandez 87'

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buddymagoo3739d ago

CHICHARITO! What a superstar, I come close to a heart attack every time we play.

oli3739d ago

Chicharo deserved the hat-trick. I'm glad he saved United.

PaPa-Slam3739d ago

Agreed, it's always so goose bumpy to watch him play.

badz1493739d ago

I really wanted to burn my tv seeing how United always fell behind this year! Smalling needs to keep his pace up! It's understandable that it has been a while since he played but United can't afford having their defence teared down like that every match they played! I was worried every time the opponent got a corner or able to cross the ball as it seems like any one in the defence will screw up every time and concede a goal! But damn. Chicharito is BEAST!

KingPin3739d ago

again, united cant keep a clean sheet. utter bullshit.

great game to watch though. glad we have hernandez. uniteds best buy in a while.

asmith23063739d ago

Van Persie? Agreed though, Utd are leaking goals against nearly every team they play at the moment. Lucklily their attack this season is lethal. Will be interesting to see how they get on in the latter stages of the CL.

KingPin3739d ago

van persie was a good buy but he is old. hernandez still has a long career ahead of him. right now he is a goal machine and with more match time he could be even better.

with the poor defending and conceding goals, if this keeps up united wont win any trophies irrespective of how lethal our attacking is. against teams like real madrid, bayern munich, barca a strong defense is key to winning the match. right now thats what we need to work on. going down against any of those teams is almost mission impossible to get back in it.

ProjectVulcan3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

£6 million. He was very cheap. In today's market he is surely worth at least 3 times that.

Gamer19823738d ago

Agreed he is an immense buy for united who doesn't get enough chances for some reason. I will say however United cannot keep going 2 behind like they been doing lately as they won't always come back like this. You cannot win a title like this it's as simple as that.

Nes_Daze3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Chicharito isn't one of those world class strikers, but damn he just knows where to be at the exact moment, and he's simply unforgiving in his headers. Such vision!

KingPin3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

"Chicharito isn't one of those world class strikers"

i bet you if united sold him last year to real madrid for their bidding price of 30 million you wouldn't have said that.

the lad is top notch striker.

RGB3739d ago

The Sun... Completely credible source... /s

Hernandez isn't world class yet and he's inconsistent as hell. Why would Real want Hernandez when they have 2 better strikers?

Nes_Daze3739d ago

LOL okay, let Real Madrid buy him, where exactly are they going to put him? I still won't think he is world class by then, but of course, anything against Manchester United or their players is considered blasphemy here.

ProjectVulcan3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Hernandez is not quite world class yet, but he is still only 24. Last season I think he struggled with form and fitness and didn't match his outstanding first season.

So Ferguson banned him from playing at all in the summer for Mexico, because he simply had not had a break in many years from football.

Looks to me that this has worked brilliantly and Fergsuon got his judgement spot on. Hernandez is hungrier than ever and in devastating form right now.

I think he is capable of continuing it, although the competition at United will make it hard, it could spur him on.

Personally I think he'll only develop further and get better being young still. Give him another 2 years and he could easily be world class.

Gamer19823738d ago

LOL using the Sun as a source.. They just make stories up to sell papers.

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RGB3738d ago

The age argument about Hernandez is pretty irrelevant. Benzema and Higuaín are both only 6 months older than him.

Hernandez (United 2010)- Total Games 94 - Total Goals 40.

Benzema (Madrid 2010) - Total Games 115 - Total Goals 63.

Higuaín (Madrid 2010) - Total Games 94 - Total Goals 47. Higuaín also missed 4 months in the 2010-11 season with a serious back injury.

Gamer19823738d ago

I didn't realize Hernandez was 24 thought he was younger.. Hes not a 1 in 2 striker but that's because he plays a lot off the bench and is not normally and impact player. Saying that he has about the same quality as most the rest of the united squad and thats just above average. Utd have only a couple of star players these days and hes not one of them. They play so well because of the man in charge. You cannot deny what he does for the team even as a City fan.

crazyturkey3739d ago

All big teams suck at defending

Gamer19823738d ago

Except city, we have the best record so far this season with only 10 goals against only Chelsea match us who are playing against Liverpool as I write this.

Kos-Mos3739d ago

United NEVER die! God damn it, we NEVER Die!

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