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Referee Mark Clattenburg wants 'full apology' and compensation from Chelsea


Mark Clattenburg will seek compensation from Chelsea after being cleared of using racist language to John Obi Mikel, according to his union.

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krazykombatant3720d ago

and he should be, its a joke that chelsea did this in the first place. If he had said anything they would still be fighting it.

zeddy3720d ago

they should compensate him, he'll get a lot of stick from fans and he'll probably miss out on the world cup because they've tarnished his name.

KingPin3720d ago

they should give mikel some sort of penalty too for running his mouth.

actually they should fine the entire chelsea team.

karim3720d ago

To you idiots on here, can someone please explain what were Chelsea supposed to do when one of their players claim they hear a racial slur from a ref, just shrug it off, eh? Stop this stupidity and just be logical.

krazykombatant3720d ago

You be logical, Chelsea have agreed with the FA that there was no proof that he said anything, if he HAD said anything, chelsea should still be fighting this. He obviously didn't say jack squat. The ref is more than entitled to so some sort of compensation.

PaPa-Slam3720d ago

Blaming Chelsea is idiotic, the only person here to blame is John Obi Mikel, if he want Compensation, he should absolutely get it, but from John Obi Mikel pocket.

silvacrest3719d ago

actually from what i understand, mikel didn't hear anything personally, it was a fellow player who heard it and then told him

PaPa-Slam3719d ago

That's even more ridiculous, Chelsea should not have moved forward with this then.

Ninjamonkey823719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

The problem runs right threw Chelsea and how they handle there players im afraid. Yeah other teams including United have things in the papers etc Rooney Giggs etc :/. But when it comes to Race these players keep it clean and in of that the game keeps its respect.

Your lot it starts from the top of the club and works its way down. Disapline needs to be instilled in these players the money they are on its a privalege so many other young lads would throw there right nut at to get.

These fools run there mouths when they feel like it and try to drag others names threw the dirt. hey ain't the only ones in the league are in football don't get me wrong but they should know better. Sooner they release that the better.