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Highlights: Manchester United 4-3 Newcastle United (English Premier League - 26/12/12)

[0-1] Perch 4'
[1-1] Evans 25'
[1-2] Evans 28'(og)
[2-2] Evra 58'
[2-3] Cisse 68'
[3-3] Van Persie 71'
[4-3] Hernandez 90'+1'


Hate it when this happens. Follow the link for another video.

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karim4081d ago

Was obvious United would win it from the moment RVP scored the equalizer (3-3)..Some horrible defending from both teams.

oli4081d ago

Once again, Chicharo saves United.

OldParr4081d ago

Valencia reminds me 1980s black michael jackson! awesome match by the way!

RedDevils4081d ago

Nani is more of MJ than AV7

badz1494081d ago

sloppy defending from United! and the midfield is blunt too! Rooney had a bad day during the Swansea match but without him, the midfield is uninspired! great game btw

buddymagoo4081d ago

This is what being united fan is all about. Heart in mouth stuff knowing you can be down but never out! A true Christmas cracker.

no_more_heroes4081d ago

Not gonna lie, that was thoroughly entertaining. Just the kind of match I was looking for this Christmas.

Too bad it was...THEM!!!

In all seriousness, though, well played. This now makes our match against Newcastle this weekend that much harder. I just hope they approach defending the same way they did in this match lol!

KingPin4081d ago

didnt get to watch the match.
from the stats it looked pretty even and from the comments above i take it there was no drama. with that said, well done to united and to newcastle too for giving the league leaders a run for their money.

with city losing today, it eases the blow on last weeks draw.

XboxInnovation4081d ago

United should sell Rooney and play Chich full time

J5Feedback4081d ago

As brilliant as he's been this year, I don't think his performance warrants getting rid of Rooney. United's offense is in a wonderful place right now. I wouldn't change a thing.

Can't knock Newcastle, though. Would really like to see them a bit higher on the table. Kind of dissapointing after last year.

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The story is too old to be commented.