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Highlights: QPR 0-3 Liverpool (English Premier League - 30/12/2012)

10' Luis Suárez
16' Luis Suárez
28' Daniel Agger

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buddymagoo4132d ago

I think QPR are one of the worst teams I have ever seen seen in the premier league.

They look like a bunch of individuals wearing the same shirt.

Thefreeman0124132d ago

I have a feeling that Harry will be making many moves or be out in January

karim4131d ago

Hope they piss off of the premier league for good!

DangerousDAN4131d ago

Many of their players are new to the team. Like you said "they look like a bunch of individuals", it can take a while for them to find their way as a team and Harry is no ordinary coach, he could make it happen. But being nearly half-way through the season, it's easy to think he might run outta' time.

ProjectVulcan4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Derby were worse, but arguably they were a better 'team'. Individuals is right.

QPR can go get relegated for all I care, they are small time with small time fan mentality cheering on Man City at the end to beat them last season and virtually gifting City the goal to win the title.

They can get lost from the premier league and never return far as I am concerned.

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Kopite_20204131d ago

Surprising how bad they are considering the money invested in the last two seasons. We played some lovely flowing football in the first half, just have to keep working.

XboxInnovation4131d ago

Redknapp was an idiot to have taken that job. QPR is destined to fail because they overpaid a bunch of overrated and has-been players. What did u think the outcome would be?