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Who scored the best goal of 2012?

Dailymail: Compiling a list of the greatest goals of the year is always tricky. It’s difficult to judge whether a magnificent dribble leading to a solo goal is better than a searing volley from 30 yards out.

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no_more_heroes3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Boy, y'kno, that Cisse goal is a very serious contender, but I believe it should go to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, my lower jaw's realtor.

His goal against England helped it discover a nicely cozy and spacious hole in the floor.

crazyturkey3802d ago

Didn't that Italian CB score a great goal in the CL....and it also mattered unlike Ibra's.

yezz3802d ago

I think it's the Cisse goal.. I was watching the game live and when the ball hit the net my instant thought was: goal of the season and one of the best ever.

It's not the most athletic but it's just so random place to shoot like that :O + Cech was guarding the goal..