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Van Persie is the best player in the world after Messi & Ronaldo, says Joe Cole

The 29-year-old striker saved Manchester United from an embarrassing early FA Cup exit with a late equaliser against West Ham at Upton Park on Saturday afternoon

West Ham attacker Joe Cole has described Manchester United striker Robin van Persie as the third-best player in the world.

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buddymagoo4186d ago

Probably but then there is Falcao

SadeckJaffal4186d ago

yeah i know and there is iniesta too

ProjectVulcan4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

To be fair to RvP, as I said in another thread he has 1 more goal than Falcao and loads more assists since the start of last season until now. He has played a few more games in that time period, but not loads more and plenty of them were also just sub appearances.

Both players deserve raving over, and both are world class.

RGB4183d ago

Falcao actually won something with them goals and he also didn't score against small teams, unless you regard Chelsea as a small team. ;)

SadeckJaffal4186d ago

I don't think that van persie is the 3rd best player because there is a lot better players than him in europe

FlunkinMonkey4184d ago

Your comments on football wreak of fanboyism my friend..

RGB4183d ago

Forwards better than RVP; Messi, Ronaldo, Falcao.
Forwards on Par; Benzema, Higuain, Suarez (who won something), Drogba, Ibrahimović, Rooney, Agüero, Tevez to name a few. ;) Most of them won something last year, well Rooney didn't! haha

Nes_Daze4186d ago

No, but he is up there.

SadeckJaffal4185d ago

well yeah if he work and train hard and win some trophies like CL and PL why not ?

shadowraiden4185d ago

works and trains hard hmm this ain't ballotelli were talking about van persie has worked plenty and he will win trophies now hes not part of a feeder club.

p_bateman4185d ago

Not in the same lge as falcao.

shadowraiden4185d ago

in what way his goal record is more then falcao and he has more assists then falcao so how is he not in falcao's league.

RGB4183d ago

Falcao has actually won trophies with his goals! Many in fact! What has Van Persie won with his? lol

RedDevils4184d ago

Mate I think you been brainwashed by media since Falcao rampaging Chelsea

FlunkinMonkey4184d ago

Ha.. Very true. The amount of last minute clinchers Van Persie has scored is crazy as well..

Definitely one of the best, considering this is his first year at the club and has created this sort of impact

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