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Highlights: Newcastle 3-2 Chelsea (English Premier League - 02/02/13)

[1-0] J. Gutiérrez - [41']
[1-1] F. Lampard - [55']
[1-2] J. Mata - [61']
[2-2] M. Sissoko - [68']
[3-2] M. Sissoko - [90']

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oli3706d ago

The ref made mistakes that cost chelsea the match.

goku323593706d ago

Should've been a penalty for breaking Ba's nose...

goku323593706d ago

and lets not forget about Cisse grabbing Cole by the throat...

Kos-Mos3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

He was right to crab that cock`s throat. He`s high up in the worlds most cuntish football-players.

ProjectVulcan3706d ago

Chelsea didn't deserve to win this match. Maybe they earnt a draw but honestly Newcastle's attack did score 3 legit goals.

If you concede 3 perfectly legit goals away from home, you can't really complain too much that you didn't win the game....

crazyturkey3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Well, the Pressure is mounting on the Chelsea manager again. No matter what the refs impact was on the match, the Chelsea owner only looks at results. So Rafa is always looking over his shoulder for that axe.

mcstorm3706d ago

Tbh I think the owner should now be looking at his self not the managers. Sacking managers the way he dose is never going to work. He has had 2 managers that have won 2 cups and then sacked them the season after.

You can't win the league every season as you have times where you are in a rebuilding stage or players are out or another team is just playing better than yours that season. If you keep faith in a manager and give them time to make a squad and style of football they want to play the team will do well. Look at managers like saf, Mayes, redknapp, Wenger. They have been given time and given the fans and owners what they have wanted out of there team.

Kos-Mos3706d ago

Go chelsea go benitez go chelsea go ba, go torres go benitez go...