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Highlights: Manchester City 2-2 Liverpool ( English Premier League 03/02/2013 )

[1-0] E. Dzeko - 24'
[1-1] D. Sturridge - 29'
[1-2] S. Gerrard - 73'
[2-2] S. Agüero - 78'

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SadeckJaffal3705d ago

Very Beautiful goals for liverpool (Sturridge and Gerrard) and specially Gerrard

NewMonday3705d ago

Sturridge for 12m is looking very cheap

buddymagoo3705d ago

It always amazes me how Liverpool step up a gear against tough opposition. Makes you think why can't they play like that all the time.

freeduck3705d ago

Actually, this season LFC had its worst record against the top teams.

We are actually ranked 3rd when it comes to playing the bottom half opponents:

I don't think LFC are game raisers, it's just that BR improved the squad since August. LFC have been playing better against the upper half teams now than they did in the beginning of the season

buddymagoo3705d ago

But you still put in strong performances which against any other teams you would usually win.

ProjectVulcan3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Liverpool did play well but City are below par and below full strength. They badly miss Toure and Kompany. Two of their most influential players IMO.

You take away 2 of the top players out of every side and that side does look a lot weaker.

I thought it would be a draw before the game and it was. The draw isn't very good for City at all, especially as they were the home team. They only have Chelsea end of this month as well. If United can smuggle 3 more wins in a row then City could find themselves even further adrift before March arrives.

Liverpool might be disappointed with the draw but I think they should be pleaed with the point and the manner of it.

asmith23063704d ago

A draw away against the champions is always nice but City were there for the taking yesterday and Liverpool came out guns blazing when the game kicked off. I thought they deserved the win but yet again luck has eluded them this season, this time in the form of Reina. I have no idea why he ran out there when Aguero had his back to goal, was running away from goal and Skrtel was two yards away from him.

Brendan Rodgers is doing great things at Liverpool in my opinion and they will get back to the top four sooner rather than later if they can hang on to their key players, like Suarez. They are playing great football. They just need to find consistency. Sturridge looks class, just like he did playing for Di Matteo and is Liverpool's best buy in years alongside Suarez.

Thefreeman0123705d ago

too bad Rena screwed up bad, liverpool had a big win on their hands.

chukamachine3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Utd got lucky with Fulham, should have been a draw.

Bad mistake by goal keeper last goal.

mcstorm3705d ago

Lol I think its funny when people come out and say united were lucky in a game. united have been winning games like they did yesterday for years. its not luck its the sign of a good team as they can grind out wins when they are up against it.

city were doing the same thing last year and Chelsea, arsenal, Blackburn, leeds and Liverpool before that.

Liverpool played well today and they are getting better and better every game.

Thefreeman0123705d ago

actually it was lucky United didnt bury Fulham... the hit the post at least 3 times and shwartzer had an incredible game

XboxInnovation3705d ago

Agger screwed up the first game against City in the dying minutes and now Reina did. lol

badz1493705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Reina is old news! it's like he's not suit for the game anymore! Liverpool should find a permanent replacement for Reina ASAP just like how Tottenham got Lloris to gradually replace the aging Friedel. Slowly but surely!