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Europol to investigate Champions League game staged in England

Europol have revealed that a Champions League game staged in England in the last three or four years is part of a widespread investigation into match-fixing allegations.

As many as 380 games played across 15 different countries have been earmarked as suspicious following a lengthy investigation into what the European law enforcement agency considers a criminal network within the sport.

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karim3389d ago

So when is Tom Henning Ovrebo going to get sentenced?

imtiyaz63389d ago

Lol, everyone's suspecting that game. The only way to deal with this is to remove all kinds of betting completely out of the sport. No money involved= no reason to match fix.

karim3389d ago

Can't see this happening at all, sadly.

Kur03389d ago

Its not up to FIFA or UEFA, its up to a country's government whether they allow sports gambling or not.

buddymagoo3388d ago

Supposed to be the Liverpool-Debrecen game in 2009