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Messi scores 300th Barcelona goal

The Argentine has reached another personal landmark thanks to his strike in the 50th minute against Granada

Lionel Messi scored his 300th Barcelona goal during his side's clash with Granada on Saturday, his 365th appearance for the Blaugrana.

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SadeckJaffal3382d ago

The weird things is that we've come to expect these things from him, so no one really gets surprised any more. But it really is extraordinary.

Dungus3381d ago

In only his 365th appearance too. Just makes it all the more incredible.

SadeckJaffal3381d ago

Yeah but we can not forget that without iniesta and xavi he couln't score that much.

KingPin3380d ago

"Yeah but we can not forget that without iniesta and xavi he couldn't score that much."

if people disagree with you, they should go back and watch the 2010 world cup. xavi and iniesta played so well, they even made torres score. and lets be honest, by messi standards, torres is below average in that world cup. take xavi and iniesta with a world class player like messi, no doubt he's going to do damage.

boxer19853381d ago

i think its the other way round. xavi and iniesta look better then they are cos of messi.

KingPin3380d ago

boxer, you joking right?

xavi and iniesta won a world cup with torres in front of them. they made it so easy even torres could score.
i suppose you going to say david villa made them look better than they are.