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'So far out of his depth he was drowning' - The referee at the centre of a Clasico storm

Alberto Undiano Mallenco has never been far from controversy and is not a popular choice with Barcelona for Tuesday night's Copa del Rey semi-final second leg at Camp Nou

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SadeckJaffal3378d ago

Barcelona don't like this ref.
haha hope he's a good sign for us

karim3377d ago

Loved the ref's performance!

KingPin3376d ago


i thought this ref had a great game considering classicos of the past. i think all the officials had an awesome match <linesman and 4th official>. zero mistakes according to me. every offside and foul was given to the respective teams.

i mean after the match even the commentators and match analysts agreed that all the decisions given were the correct ones.

i suppose some barca fans think diving into a defender player and going down is a foul. another foul is when players dive when they not even touched <cesc, im looking at you>.

the one incident i can think of that the ref was at fault was when he unintentionally blocked off messi but he was standing still. not like he made an intentional attempt to run 5 steps to block him off. and it was out of the box as well so its not like he stopped a clear goal too.

guess some fans will whine no matter what. if the other team didn't cheat, the officials were crap. those few fans need to wake up already.

Nes_Daze3376d ago

Ref had a great game, I was just laughing at the slap Busquets gave to Pepe, my cousin( a madrid fan) jumped up and said he punched him after seeing Pepe fall on the floor, then the replay made him look like a fool lol. Funny we don't acknowledge that, but I guess beating Barca by 2 goals is much bigger news for Madrid...